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Curzoner Kalom – Lord Curzon’s Pen
A Bengali Mystery Movie
Presented by AVA Film Productions Pvt. Ltd. and DKS Enterprises
Produced by Pawan Kanodia and Dilip K. Som

Executive Producer Swapan Kumar Ghosh  


Joint Producers Pawan Kumar Kanodia
Dilip K. Som
Director Souvik Mitra
His notable Film (2014): Punashcha
Music Director Debojyoti Mishra
Story & Screenplay Padmanabha Dasgupta
Director of Photography
Supriyo Dutta
Editor Aninda Chattopadhyay

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Moments to share

Success Party - Dec 11, 2016
The video was taken with a smart phone.
18 minutes of Adda - Sep. 21,2016

Preview of Curzoner Kalom - 18 minutes of Adda on Sep. 21______________________________
Shooting - Nov. 26, 2016
Dashami - The day the mystery of Curzon's pen was solved (Not in this video though)

Shooting - Nov. 15, 2016
Duration of shooting: 3 hours (only 12 minutes
captured here) Final video: 1 minute